Voices of our Volunteers

‘I feel that this project is incredibly well run and has been a fantastic opportunity to be involved in something I care about immensely. I hope to remain involved with this project for as long as possible and will still follow its progress even after my official involvement has ended’. (Eleanor)

 I recently moved Devon and wished to become more involved with the local community. As a psychology graduate and NHS employee, I find this project perfectly combines my interests while providing me insight into the history of my new home. So far it’s been really interesting, and I’d highly suggest becoming involved! (Jessica)

As someone who loves history, and local history in particular, volunteering on the Remembering the Devon County Mental Hospital project was something I was immediately drawn to.  From cataloguing the records I have been able to find out about the history of the hospital, the people that worked there, the patients that were treated by them and their families.  Once the collection is available online I am sure it will prove to be a valuable resource for researchers from various fields as there is a wealth of information to be found in the records of the Devon County Mental Hospital. (Lucy)

As I have lived the majority of my life in Exminster and as I, members of my immediate and extended family have worked at the Hospital in many different departments, I thought that cataloguing was a wonderful chance to find out more about it.   So many faces, names and memories have come back to me through the project.  The cataloguing is so interesting and gives an understanding into the way that patients, their families and the Hospital staff lived and worked in previous years. (Mary)