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Miscellaneous Buildings


Merthyr was built in 1901 and was specifically built as a residence for the Medical Superintendent.  In the closing down stages of Exminster Hospital, The Farm, also known as BC4, was transferred to Merthyr until the closure of the Hospital when it was bought as a private residence.


Sannerville Chase was originally built as a residence for the Medical Superintendent.  It stayed as a residential building until it was converted for Ward 18 patients before the closure of Exminster Hospital in 1987.


The Nurses' Home was officially opened on 7th March 1934.  Prior to this Spurfield House, situated in the middle of the village, was the Home for female nurrses.

Further information about the Nurses' Home can be found under the Exhibit - 'Nursing in Exminster'.


Spurfield House was not in the grounds of the Hospital. It was a large house in the village purchased by the Hospital in 1925 and adapted as a Nurses' Home for 29 female nurses. But in 1931, plans were agreed to build a more adequate Nurses' Home and work was completed and the Nurses' Home opened on 7th March 1934. Due to the rebuild of this Nurses' Home, Spurfield House was now free to accommodate over 20 female private patients.

In 1948 Spurfield was used as a home for private patients and in 1949 became Preliminary Training School for 18 male nurses on a separate wing from the Female Nurses' Home.

In 1965 it became accommodation for 24 patients to relieve overcrowding in the main building.

1970 saw it become a rehabilitation and pre-discharge unit for patients needing little care. Some patients found work in the village.

It went on to become a home for alcoholic dependency patients and finally closed in 2016.