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The Nurses' Home

The Nurses' Home was opened on 7th March 1934.  Although mainly for nurses, other members of the Hospital staff also lived there.

They used to have a uniformed man on the gates as a gate keeper and the staff had to be in by ten o’clock or they were locked out.

The Home was split into 3 floors.  

The Ground Floor consisted of a communal lounge area, kitchen, dining room.

The First Floor was for female staff.

The Top Floor was for male staff.

The Night Superintendent made many visits during their shift to ensure everything was in order and the rules were adhered to!!

Shortly after 1 am on 29th January 1960, a fire broke out in a settee in the Lounge.  Nurses put out the fire using buckets of water and fire extinguishers.  By the time the Fire Brigade arrived there was such thick, acrid smoke that they had to use breathing apparatus. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

The Dining Room later became a staff restaurant for all staff, as well as a Function Room for various celebrations.  The Catering Staff would have the chance to earn extra money by being waiters and waitresses!!

In 1986, the South Western Regional Health Authority applied to Teignbridge Council to turn the Nurses' Home into a Hotel and a previous application to turn it into flats was withdrawn.  It was later to become offices.